Monthly Archives: April 2011

Forget the Regret

My mind is marred by the effects of drink

my mind is condemned to stop and  to think
about things that have happened, about things gone by

Things that would make a grown man cry

I’d like to think that I’ve changed for the best
I’d like to think that I mask my feelings with jest

Left the bad behind me, let my skeletons rest

 if my skeletons are behind me they are there for the best


My Unexpected Friend

I met you once whilst on a train

I thought you would see me as somewhat vain

You did not talk, you did not smile
I spoke to you after a while

Now you make me laugh, you make me grin
a friendship thick came from ice so thin

You are so awesome, you are so cool
to you I feel like such a fool

I felt I could not speak to you at first
now our friendships set to burst

My initial opinion is on the mend
I’m really happy to be your friend

Easter Earnings

I am not religious but I do feel a great sense of pride for those who do show devotion to the god they believe in and as such I have dedicated this poem to those who will not stop believing. God Bless

He died for our failings, he dies for our sins

he died for new mothers, babies, single or in twins

he gave up all he believed in, he was hanged up on the cross

but 2000 years in the future we still do give a toss

we roll our eggs in easter, we have a meal for him

we eat and we remember, he died for all our sins



some people need fags, drink and drugs
some people need to be taken for mugs
some people want to sit back and chill
some people want to take the pill
others want to be the boss
others want to give a toss
others want to take the lead
others want to get caught up in greed


So think about what you hold dear
think about the things you fear


Drugs, fags, pressure and beer?


Who do you want to be
for I am happy, just being me

The Breakup

this post may not be suitable for young children or people who are not too keen on vulgar language

As days go past I cannot see

Where cracks in our love came to be

My babe, my sweet, my soul mate true

In my dreams it was me and you

You broke my heart, you shattered my dreams

Our bond you broke, ripped through the seams

My past, my destiny, my future unsure

You ruined my life you fucking whore

My Stream


As I sit here next to a flowing stream


I cannot help but think and dream


of who I am and what’s to come, what I’ve achieved and the things I’ve done


The stream flows strong leaving ripples in its wake, moving slowly to its destination lake


In myself I see that stream


Sitting by the side


Living my dream

Love Untampered


You stand there judging, laughing at my clothes

You stand there mocking, picking at the path that I have chose

Who are you to say, who I should or should not marry

Who are you to choose the title I have to carry

Love is love whether it be gay, straight, bi or trans

Love is love whether chosen or unplanned

So keep your mockeries, your sniggers your stares

For if I’m to be loved, I’m to be glad that I am theirs


(In honor of this years upcoming Pride event in Edinburgh I have devised a small piece on LGBT pride within a community)

Banners and flags emblazon the air
Gays and lesbians walk free from care
Transgender and bi stand side by side
for today, just like any it’s all about pride

Shrugging of slurs and ignoring jeers
their insults drowned out by the sound of our cheers
for we are happy in our skin, we do not care
It’s your ignorance we do not find fair

We are lucky to be who we are, to still have our life, for in some countries homophobias rife

They beat up small boys, they hunt down us gays
they falsely execute and number our days

So here is my message, what we should do. Fight for our rights, shout the message true

Pride is just one day but what of the rest,

We can make them all safe and change the world for the best



(This is my first ever piece of work which I done quite a while ago, just dug it out from a dusty part of my wardrobe)


Paths crossed by chance, crossroads entwined


My life has much more meaning, now that you are mine


Our hands fit together, our fingers interlock, every night has true meaning when we kiss, cuddle or talk


In the comfort of your arms, in the safety of your embrace. I love all everything about you, much deeper than your face


I love you for who you are and all you will be, who cares where our paths take us as long as it’s you and me

The Anniversary

His heart won’t stop hurting, his smile will soon fade

His mind will never erase the mistake that he had made

All those years wasted, all that time lost but when push comes to shove he shouldn’t give a toss

His heart is still hurting as he thinks of times past; his smile has since faded as he wanted it to last

Days turn to months, months turn to years

He stands at the graveside counting his tears

He stands by her grave realising his fears

She’s gone and gone forever, she won’t be back soon

he goes back to his life, leaving the graveyard to the moon