Monthly Archives: May 2011

Just Cant Relate

hate, discrimination, bullying, killing – this is a message for anyone willing

to listen to fight, to stand up for others – whether a stranger, a friend, a sister or brother

Fear, Hurt, Pain, sadness

homophobias born from unnatural badness

why should someone show so much hate, the cause of high suicide rates

we need to educate from an early age, get teachers involved in every stage

homophobia, racism and bullying cant last

lets fight together to make it a thing of the past


You and I


Like the blossom of tulips on a bright summers day

Like the melting of snow as seasons give way

Like the bustle of people as sales hit the shops

Like the toots and the honks as men load the docks

Our love is so natural as if regular to me

But in the eye of the public they just cannot see

My hand fits yours like an intricate lock

My heart in your grasp, the key you have got

I’m with you for always till the day that we end

You’re not just my partner, you’re also my friend

Closed Mind

Discrimination across the nation, will result in a young realisation

Homophobic Bullying and killing without reason, beheading and murder like we commit treason

Men can love men, Women can love women – its not a crime, so why are we punished and judged all the time

Poof, Dyke and tranny are the words of choice, each time silencing a young persons voice

we need to fight for what we believe in, that how we were born isn’t a registered sin

Pathetic Aesthetics

Old, Young, Tall, Short
Love yourself no matter what

Fat, Emo, Twink, Thin – you may judge me but do you know the position I’m in

Pale, Tanned, Spotty, Clear
I want to walk the streets, free of fear

Braces, Glasses, Ginger, Brown
why do you laugh, mock and put me down

Looks are judged by people too much
with personality and love, we have lost touch

I may be ugly, I may hurt your sight
but I have a heart and this heart burns bright

judge lest ye be judged, see the world from my eyes

maybe then you wont hide from your lies