How do you describe a woman who you hold so dear?


How to you thank the lady who brought you here




How can I say thank you enough


How can I make up for the times when it was tough?




It doesn’t matter how you it is spelt


What matters to me are the things which you have dealt?




You make it so easy, when I want to cry, you know when I’m truthful and when I tell lies


You’ve dealt with so much, when I was a wee boy


You tried to stay positive, buying me uniforms and new toys


No matter how I try, there is no easy way


To thank you for being you, each and every day


About craigcochrane1990

My name is craig but people call me Craigy. I don't really have any history of writing poems or anything remotely creative, it came from when I worked in a Creative Arts Organisation and someone noticed i could string words together beautifully, I feel that weaving words together into something amazing is something I enjoy doing and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing

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  1. top class Craig one of my favorite!

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