These are a collection of poems created and written by me but inspired by lots of different things

For me creativity is not just about how something is worded, how something sounds or looks, its also the small subtle things (how a rain drop falls from a leaf, how a song or saying can make you laugh or cry, how the light shines on the side of a tree on a crisp morning)

I don’t think I’m particularly talented but i enjoy expressing myself and showing others how to tap into their own creativity, that’s what matters to me

I hope you all take time to read and enjoy

  1. Loving your work Craig keep it up 🙂

  2. Craig…I am a fabric artist in CA and came across your blog…the photo of the eye…Whose is it? Is it copyrighted? I would love to use it in a piece of fabric art I’m doing. You have some great poems and images! Keep em coming.
    Kim Frey

    • Hey There Kim, thanks very much – its comments like this that push me to write random thought things

      The images I have are usually from google based on the topic of the poem, I’m not as talented as to create my own.. Hopefully I won’t see an upcoming lawsuit or anything 😛

  3. Think you need to post some more, no updates in a while

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